Genius Scan SDK

A document scanner SDK for iOS, Android and hybrid applications

Add a custom document scanner to your apps by using and customizing our proven imaging technology. The Document Scanner SDK is the same software that we use at the core of Genius Scan: it's tried and trusted every day by millions of people on iOS and Android.

Key features

Document detection & perspective correction

Our document scanner precisely detects your document, corrects any distortion and crops it.

  • Real-time document detection

    Our algorithms automatically highlight the document so that your users frame it correctly.

  • Quality

    The perspective correction lets you obtain high-quality documents even if the user captured an angled, distorted or skewed image.

  • Speed and reliability

    Benefit from algorithms that have been optimized for speed and reliability for all sorts of documents and devices, over hundreds of millions of scans.

Powerful image filters

The Genius Scan SDK offers multiple filters to ensure the highest document quality.

  • Enhance legibility

    Clean your documents with our proprietary black and white filter. It ensures better accuracy for post-processing such as OCR.

  • Reduce the size of your documents

    With our monochrome filter, create 1-bit images which are much smaller to transmit. Perfect for spotty network conditions.

  • Customizable as needed

    Let the SDK automatically detect the best filter to apply or manually apply the desired filter.

And also…

Multi-page PDF generation

Besides JPEG, the imaging SDK can turn your documents into multi-page PDF files. You can easily augment these PDFs with keywords and password-protect them.

Text recognition

The SDK iOS and Android libraries come with an OCR engine to extract text and layout from images. It can be combined with the PDF generator to make the text of documents searchable and selectable. The entire process is performed locally and currently supports 124 languages.

Curvature correction

In addition to perspective correction, the SDK also offers curvature correction to fix curved or warped text.

Offline processing

The Genius Scan algorithms run on your user's device. You are in complete control of your documents.

Development & Integration

We provide demo apps for all platforms. Their source code can be reused for quick integration within your apps.

The Genius Scan SDK comes in two flavors: the Core SDK framework that gives you the ability to fully customize your integration, and the Scanner UI framework that lets you integrate a full-fledged scanner module in a couple lines of code.

Core SDK

Create a fully customized scanner module for your app.

  • Access low-level image processing routines

  • Integrate independent screens (iOS ViewController, Android activities)

  • Customizable demo/example app

  • Available for: iOS & Android

ScannerUI SDK


Integrate an all-in-one scanner module for your app.

  • Integrate with a single line.

  • Customize key parameters (filters, multi-page, UI colors…)

  • Customizable demo/example app

  • Available for: iOS & Android, Flutter, Cordova (also PhoneGap, Ionic), React Native

Pricing & Licensing

SDK licenses are per-application and cross-platform.

Our offer

  • Flat annual fee covering both iOS & Android

  • Public or private, internal or external use

  • Unlimited number of installs, users and scans

  • Full package: all features included

  • Developer support and software updates

License fees vary by apps, starting above €4,000/y. Request a quote tailored to your project.

Used by millions of mobile users

The document scanner is integrated into more than a hundred applications, and distributed by startups and Fortune 500 enterprises. It is used daily by millions of customers, but also by employees in all kinds of industries – from international transportation companies to hospital operators, remote utility workers, bank and insurance employees and court reporters.

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